NZ Spa is an exclusive Collection of inspirational body care products

created with a blend of New Zealand fragrances and unique properties.

Created exclusively in New Zealand for NZ Spa & Body,

NZ Spa products are free from harsh chemicals, SLS, and paraben free.

We are against animal testing of any kind and to support the

environment all our packaging is totally recyclable.

About NZ Spa & Body

NZ Spa embodies a spirit of rejuvenation and is as new, fresh and invigorating
as the South Pacific environment from which it comes.

Our product fragrances have been created exclusively to beautifully capture the 'essence' of New Zealand
with fragrant notes from a unique range of native botanicals, Alpine Fern, Flax Flower, Pohutukawa and Wild Daisy
which allows you to create your own personal fragrant journey.



The flowering Pohutukawa announces the sweet, warm appearance of a beautiful beachside tree. The native Pohutukawa inhabits northern coastal regions and is known as New Zealand's very own Christmas tree, blossoming with bright red flowers and inspiring fragrances. This is a scent that is flowery, yet spicy and powdery. Vanilla top notes with a hint of rose, jasmine and white musk take you to a relaxing and tranquil place where you can almost hear the sea.

wild daisy

Wild Daisy

Wild Daisy prefers to grow in wild and rocky alpine territory throughout New Zealand -  such a delicate flower thriving in such a harsh environment. The scent of Wild Daisy is one of inspiration and mystery with a delicious fragrance that is floral and rosy, with just a hint of orange flower, jasmine and musk. Conjures up images of secret valleys and wild mountain passes. On your fragrant journey, Wild Daisy captures the essence of a floral bouquet... so easy to get lost in and mysteroulsy exquistie.

flax flower

Flax Flower

Flax Flower is an iconic native plant found all around the New Zealand coastline complementing the rough beauty of a rugged environment with a special secret - an attraction to native birds with its tantalising scent. Evocative of Lily of the Valley, Flax Flower is floral and irisy, whilst taking you on a journey through scented valleys of jasmine, mimosa and sandalwood... an irresistible allure and fragrant journey of relaxation and invigoration.

alpine fern

Alpine Fern

Alpine Fern is a fresh yet exquisite scent, floral and woody, reminiscent of the beautiful snowy Alps of New Zealand with pristine mountain air, cool running streams and alpine flora. Top notes contain a hint of lavender with musk, sandalwood and orange blossom rounding off a refined fragrance. Alpine Fern brings with it a sense of rejuvenation... soothing yet refreshing,  for both body and soul. Sure to become a favourite fragrance.

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