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Catering to both women and men, with a unique range of products in appealing New Zealand fragrances. Alpine Fern, Flax Flower and Wild Daisy, the NZ Spa Collection of Body Scrubs, Shower Gels, Body Lotions, Body Souffles, Aroma Reeds, Candles and Soaps allows you to create your own personal fragrant journey.

At NZ Spa Our Ethos Is Simple

Deliver the finest product, ensure their effectiveness, 
and make 
them easy to use.

NZ Spa products are free from harsh chemicals, SLS, and paraben free.
We are against animal testing of any kind and to support the environment
all our packaging is totally recyclable.

Unique Natural Botanicals

Introducing an exclusive collection of inspirational body care products infused with the smooth textures and delicious fragrances of New Zealand's unique native botanicals.

At NZ Spa we have embarked on a journey to discover the very essence, the spirit if you like, of New Zealand and the natural fragrances of this magical country.

It is often said of New Zealand... that many of nature's best features from around the world have been encapsulated in one small unique South Pacific Environment.  Mother Nature has truly provided a magnificent garden -  the essence of which is beautifully showcased in the NZ Spa body care collection.

Our product fragrances have been created exclusively to beautifully capture the 'essence' of New Zealand with fragrant notes from a unique range of natural botanicals, Alpine Fern,  Flax Flower,  Pohutukawa, and Wild Daisy.  NZ Spa is proudly made in New Zealand.

Welcome to NZ Spa.

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Not tested on animals


Free From Harsh Chemicals SLS And Parabens


Our Packinging Bottles Jars And Tubes Are Totally Recyclable

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