Aroma Reeds and Soap


Includes a 100 mL Aroma Reeds and 50 gm NZ Spa Goat Milk Soap.

NZ Spa Aroma Reeds and Soap
Release the natural fragrance and therapeutic qualities of nature’s essential oils into your home, office or bathroom with the distinctive fragrance of Alpine Fern. NZ Spa has beautifully captured the essence and natural qualities of this beautiful New Zealand native botanical in a fabulous collection of Aroma Reeds.
Includes the NZ Spa Goat Milk Soap
Included is a 50 gm NZ Spa Goat Milk soap. Rich in vitamins and minerals, the natural properties of NZ Spa Goat Milk Soap cleanse, moisturise and maintain soft, silky skin. Goat Milk Soap has been known for centuries as a rejuvenator – with luxurious moisturising qualities for both face and body.

A long lasting scent that will last for a long time

Maintains the freshness of the skin and body throughout the day.

Feel the all-natural, safe, and silky products of NZ Spa