Body Lotion


NZ Spa Body Lotion
Inspiring body lotions with gorgeous, silky textures that moisturise and care for your skin. NZ Spa specialists recommend the daily application, gently smoothing lotion all over the body after cleansing with NZ Spa shower gel.
Available in Four New Zealand scents
NZ Spa Body Lotion beautifully captures the delicious fragrances of New Zealand’s unique native botanicals. With a spirit of rejuvenation that is as fresh and invigorating as the South Pacific environment from which it comes, NZ Spa Body Lotion has a gorgeous, silky texture that moisturises and cares for your skin. Regular use adds benefit to your body care routine. Available in Alpine Fern, Flax Flower, Pohutukawa and Wild Daisy.
Long lasting fragrance that you will surely love.
It will freshen you and make you feel gorgeous.
Relaxing for the body and soul.
Feel the all-natural, safe, and silky products of NZ Spa