NZ Spa Candle


NZ Spa Candle
Experience the soft light and exquisite fragrances of the NZ Spa Candle. With the natural essence of Pohutukawa, the NZ Spa scented candle with its distinctive fragrance will transport you to a gentle, peaceful place with the natural aromas creating a mood of calm and tranquillity throughout the bathroom, home or office. Contains an exotic blend of 100% eco soy wax and tantalising fragrances that make the NZ Candle one of theĀ  finest available.
NZ Spa Candle will cool down your soul and body.
Made from natural ingredients from NZ and it doesn't contain harmful chemicals.
It will take off the stress in you once you have this candle lit in your room.
Feel the all-natural, safe, and silky products of NZ Spa